Daytime Emmys 2018


Author: Sparkle "E" Entertainment & Promotions

Entertainment & Promotions Company created by a "Spirited Socialite" πŸ‘  designed to make EVERYTHING SHINE! Sparkle-"E" Entertainment & Productions is a full service operation, providing contracted services by Owner, CEO EVETTE DABNEY SPECIALIZED SERVICES INCLUDE: πŸ’Ž Red Carpet Coverage πŸ’Ž Social Media Management πŸ’Ž TV Show Hosting πŸ’Ž Show Correspondent πŸ’Ž LIVE Event coverage for TV, RADIO, pODCASTS πŸ’Ž Copy Writer for promotional Spots, Commercials, news letters, blogs, instructional Publications & Videos. πŸ’Ž Corporate Spokesperson πŸ’Ž Brand Ambassador πŸ’Ž Digital Media & Print Contributor πŸ’Ž Media Marketing Influencer πŸ’Ž Production for Video Presentations πŸ’Ž Broadcasting & Media Technical Advisor πŸ’Ž Hospitality & Media trainer πŸ’Ž Voice-Over Talent πŸ’Ž Announcer πŸ’Ž Children's Story-teller πŸ’Ž MC Special Events: -Pageants -Awards Shows -Comedy Shows & Concerts -Fashion Shows -Hair Shows -Luncheons -Banquets -Audience Warm-up πŸ’Ž Experienced Guide creating CUSTOMIZED TOURS for LARGE and small groups to designated places of Interest, theme parks, food crawls, museums, shopping excursions

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