Hollywood ⭐️🎬Confidential presents: “A night with Tiffany Haddish!!!”

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The “Spirited 🎉Socialite…. is on the MOVE!!!!

Posing on the #RedCarpet before Hollywood Confidential evening with “It Girl” Tiffany Haddish!!!

Mannnn…..this sista TIFFANY…had a lot to say! 😆

The audience hung on her ever word too… It was like having an intimate conversation with a friend from the neighborhood… who made it BIG!!

She seemed confident and sure of herself… but not arrogant. She spoke in a way that left you pretty sure she was the same person NOW… as she was back then… JUST. A HUGE SUCCESS STORY ‼️

Haddish CURSED the #audience with

✨ ✨ #Happiness ‼️😂. #howboutthat! 👊🏽

The spunky comedienne went on to share details of her difficulty getting work in the early days….She also opened up about the time she had very little money… and had to live out of her car. Despite this major setback in her life… Haddish says she always fixed herself up best she could… and kept pushing for breakthroughs.

She remembers everyone with helped her… and never hesitated to share advice she received from them. This lady keeps it real! Like I said in a previous blog about “GirlsTrip” Haddish played the character of a person I said makes the BEST kind of friend! Loyal, dependable and a soul stirring BFF!!! Having a great sense of humor makes you love and appreciate rare souls like this forever….

It appears that ART imitates LIFE in this case… because Tiffany Haddish certainly appears to be a ride or die friend for REAL! Keep doing good things Tiffany!!! And GREAT things will certainly come to YOU!!!

#showrunner @MaraBrockAkil #creator of #Girlfriends #BeingMaryJane & @LoveIsOWN presented @Essence #legendaward to #trailblazer #RalphFarquhar @epfarq19 #producer #creator #writer #marriedwithchildren #moesha & more!

Hollywood Confidential Founder Steve Jones always gives aspiring writers and performers nuggets of wisdom…

before the end of every one of his events! While many performers of color have difficulty being seen… much less have proper connections to find out about projects and auditions… Jones definitely earns my admiration and respect for doing all HE can… to help level the playing field… and open DOORS 🚪 for deserving talent. The first message: BELIEVE in

yourself✔️ #DoSomething #everyday to help your

#career ✔️Great points @iamstevejones I’ve taken every #acting 🎭 #hosting 🎬 #masterclass in #LA ✔️ errrbody said: #WRITE ✔️ I’m doing it #NOW!👩🏽‍💻… #checkout #blogs http://www.sparkle-e.com 💎🙋🏽‍♀️Y’all #FindMe! 😅I’m out here in these #lastreets & #events!

~ Evette Dabney

Evette Dabney, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Sparkle-“E” Entertainment & Promotions

Wow! There she goes again!!! 👠

👉🏽 Keep Checking this Blog to see where she’s been…. and where she’s going!!!

www.sparkle-e.com 💎

Evette is a native of Atlanta,🍑GA…and graduate of #CAU Clark Atlantauyy University… in the #AUC ( Atlanta University Center), and a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.,🔺🐘 Links Inc., 💚and Women in Film…🎬🎥

( just to name a few of her beloved connections! 😉

“Miss Dabney” has worked as a reporter/anchor 🎤in a number of television 📺 markets all across the country…

She is an EMMY nominated TV news talent, available to serve as a media technical advisor, and work free-lance.

Her contracted services include: copywriting, script writing, show hosting, announcer, 🎙(live events: fashion shows, hair shows, concerts, banquets, weddings,luncheons, talent shows.)

She’s a “spirited” LIVE announcer indeed… with a ~velvety voice! ~

Evette is READY to take on producing gigs, theatrical roles, 🎭 commercials, 🎬 industrials, radio talk show roles… and any other kind of voice-over work…. animation included… 😉

Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @evettedabney

Let Sparkle-“E” 💎 promote YOU… Your BUSINESS, ORGANIZATION or SPECIAL EVENT…. in aggressive marketing efforts, and SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS!

Hey! 👋🏽 A well known MARKETING INFLUENCER… is right at your fingertips!

Evette will make SURE the consumer market takes NOTICE…. of what you have to offer!


Evette Dabney/ SAG-AFTRA —>See www.actorsaccess.com & www. playersdirectory.com (online), or reach out to our phone message center included at www.sparkle-e.com 💎

e-mail: ceo.sparkle.e@gmail.com

Sparkle “E” is in the midst of a fundraising campaign… to keep this website thriving… and making IMPROVEMENTS!

If you’d like to make a donation… Send to business address:

Sparkle “E” Entertainment & Promotions P.O Box 811926 Los Angeles, CA 90081

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Your generous support will most definitely be a BLESSING !!!

Evette is determined to create opportunities… and pave the way for more WORK!!!

She’s determined to FIND A WAY…. or MAKE ONE!!!!

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The #Spirited 🎉 #Socialite and #mediamaven 👩🏽‍💻 @evettedabney is on the move!!!

#Wow! #ThereSheGoesAgain! 👠

—>Keep Up! 😉<—

Author: Sparkle "E" Entertainment & Promotions

Entertainment & Promotions Company created by a "Spirited Socialite" 👠 designed to make EVERYTHING SHINE! Sparkle-"E" Entertainment & Productions is a full service operation, providing contracted services by Owner, CEO EVETTE DABNEY SPECIALIZED SERVICES INCLUDE: 💎 Red Carpet Coverage 💎 Social Media Management 💎 TV Show Hosting 💎 Show Correspondent 💎 LIVE Event coverage for TV, RADIO, pODCASTS 💎 Copy Writer for promotional Spots, Commercials, news letters, blogs, instructional Publications & Videos. 💎 Corporate Spokesperson 💎 Brand Ambassador 💎 Digital Media & Print Contributor 💎 Media Marketing Influencer 💎 Production for Video Presentations 💎 Broadcasting & Media Technical Advisor 💎 Hospitality & Media trainer 💎 Voice-Over Talent 💎 Announcer 💎 Children's Story-teller 💎 MC Special Events: -Pageants -Awards Shows -Comedy Shows & Concerts -Fashion Shows -Hair Shows -Luncheons -Banquets -Audience Warm-up 💎 Experienced Guide creating CUSTOMIZED TOURS for LARGE and small groups to designated places of Interest, theme parks, food crawls, museums, shopping excursions

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